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Encoding Mov files from Final Cut/Compress for TSMuxer Conversion

BrightSign Support Manager
posted this on September 30, 2010, 9:20 AM

Using TSMuxer, you can change the container type of your h.264 encoded MOV file, produced by final cut / compressor, to a Transport Stream. That Transport Stream should then playback on the BrightSign. Since the video isn’t re-encoded, there should be no quality loss.

Here are directions showing how to create MOV files that are compatible with TSMuxer.

  1. Create the animation / video (use a Broadcast 1080 or 720 format for HD)
  2. Choose File-> Export - Make sure the Export field is Quicktime Movie
  3. Press Options
  4. Select Kind = Quicktime Movie, Compressor = H.264. 
    You can experiment with the Quality slider depending upon your content, but I have found settings as low as 50% are still very good.
  5. Click OK and Save As the file you want to create (.MOV).
  6. Close the video preview window that may open after the file has been rendered
  7. Close Motion / Final Cut (don't forget to save your Motion file)
  8. Open the .MOV file in the finder (it should open with Quicktime Player)
  9. Your movie should play back here. Press Pause / Stop to stop playback
  10. Choose Window->Show Movie Properties
    You will see that in addition to your video track there are one or two other tracks along with this file. There may be a Text Track, and / or an unknown track with the file's name. These are the unnecessary tracks that are confusing TSMuxer.
  11. Click on the video track (the format will be H.264) and press extract. If your video has audio, select the audio and video tracks together. This feature is only available with Quicktime Pro, which comes with Final Cut Studio, or you can buy an upgrade separately from Apple's website.
  12. A new video window will open with your video with the header "Untitled". Choose Save As and choose a new file name. You won't be able to call it the same as the original .MOV file.
  13. Open TSMuxer, and click on Add, and select the new extracted file.
  14. Press Start Muxing, and the .TS file will be created. This file can be played back directly from the Brightsign units.