Testing a player to determine if it's non-operational (RMA)

Follow the below steps to determine if your BrightSign player is non-operational. If a non-operational product is still within warranty, and it was purchased directly from BrightSign, we will provide a replacement unit at no charge. Submit the attached RMA form to support@brightsign.biz to complete an RMA.

Are none of the LEDs lighting up?

If none of the LEDs are lighting up with power connected to the player, try these steps:

  1. Plug the power supply into a different wall socket.
  2. If possible, try swapping the power supply for a known working one.
  3. If you are using PoE with an XTx43, XDx32 or 4Kx42 model, try using the standard power supply. If the player powers up, then the fault is likely with the Ethernet cable or network PoE infrastructure.

Are the red/yellow LEDs flashing?

If the red and/or yellow LEDs are flashing, visit this FAQ to learn what the error code means. If the error code indicates a problem with the system software on the player (typically, red error codes 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14), follow these steps to recover the player:

  1. Reset the player to factory defaults.
  2. Reinstall the firmware in Safe Mode.
  3. Test playback using sample video or audio content that is known to be compatible.

Is the green Pwr LED on without flashing red/yellow lights?

NoteFor LSx22 players, this is the same as the single Pwr LED being on and not flashing.

  1. Reset the player to factory defaults.
  2. Test playback using sample video or audio content that is known to be compatible.
  3. Remove any storage devices (SD card, uSD card, USB drive, SSD/MSATA drive) from the player and power it on. After a few moments, the logo and player information should be displayed on screen.
  4. Try swapping the HDMI/VGA cable and monitor for ones that are known to work.


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  • 0
    Martin Tse

    Tried reset to factory default, but not work, will attached the RMA form for requesting replacement

  • 0
    Martin Tse

    any updates

  • 0
    Alex (BrightSign Support)

    Hi Martin,

    Please submit a new support ticket and attach your RMA form to the ticket. Thanks.

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    Radames Castillo

    Hi -


    Can I just have an RMA to send this unit back for a replacement?

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