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BrightAuthor versions 3.8 and later contain a Preview feature, which enables you to preview a presentation on your PC as it is being built.

To preview the presentation currently being edited, click on the Preview button displayed in the top bar of BrightAuthor at the right, next to the Upload to Network button. Click the arrow at the right side of this button to display a drop down list that allows you to select the preview size:

  • Half Size: The preview is displayed in a window at half the presentation resolution.
  • Full Size: The presentation is previewed in full screen mode. If the resolution of your PC monitor is less than that of the target signage display, the presentation will run off the screen.
  • Monitor 2: If you have a second monitor attached, the preview will be placed on that monitor.

When using full screen preview, press the Escape key to exit the preview.

You must exit the preview to continue using BrightAuthor, even if the preview is on a second monitor.

Currently, only a subset of presentation features can be previewed. Visual states that are currently not supported will be shown as black in the preview window, and unsupported audio states will be silent.

Current known issues

  • Unsupported states display as black – placeholder states will be added in these cases
  • Text animation in ticker zones is not yet supported
  • There is no support for BrightSign Network Functionality (including Data Feeds, Dynamic Playlists, and Live Media).

Note: You can get a BSN Data Feed to work in preview by adding it to your presentation as a simple RSS feed. To get the RSS URL of a BSN Data Feed, navigate to Create > Live Data in the BSN WebUI, click the Properties of the desired Data Feed, and copy the URL field.

Features Supported in Preview


  • Video or Images
  • Video Only
  • Images
  • Ticker
  • Clock


  • Video File
  • Image File
  • HTML5
  • Live Text (excluding BSN Live Data)
  • Media RSS
  • Video List
  • Image List
  • Video Play File
  • Image Play File
  • Event Handler


  • Timeout
  • Media End
  • Rectangular Touch (using mouse)
  • UDP
  • Zone Message
  • Send: Zone Message
  • Other: Set/increment/decrement/reset user variables

Local Web Server

  • Local web server emulation in place
    • Only available when preview is active
    • iPad/iPhone app can connect: user must manually add IP address for BrightAuthor PC while preview is active
    • iPad/iPhone app can display LWS web page, set user variables, and send UDP messages

Features not supported in Preview


  • Audio Only
  • Enhanced Audio
  • Background


  • Live Video
  • SignChannel
  • Interactive Menu
  • Audio List
  • Super State
  • Dynamic Playlist
  • Local Playlist
  • Video Stream
  • Mjpeg Stream
  • Audio Stream
  • RF In
  • Tuner Scan


  • BP900/BP200
  • GPIO
  • Synchronize
  • Serial
  • Keyboard
  • USB Input
  • Remote Input
  • Link Zones
  • Video Time Code
  • Time Clock
  • GPS
  • Plugin Message
  • Sounddock


  • Set Panel Output
  • Set Audio
  • Connector Volume
  • Zone Volume
  • Send: UDP/Serial/IR Remote/Plugin Message
  • Link
  • GPIO On/Off
  • Video Pause/Resume/Enable Monitor Power
  • BrightControl
  • Other Pause/Reboot/Update Data Feed
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  • 0
    Milo Kusmic

    I tried to use conditional targets in preview mode, but this does not seem to work (yet). It isn't mentioned in this article though.

  • 0
    Michael Miller

    Other - Show Zone/Hide Zone does not work in preview.  This makes it very difficult to see if the hide/show command is working without constantly publishing to check on the player.

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