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Last Updated: October 26, 2015

You can use any Media RSS feed that contains only RSS tags. BrightAuthor doesn't support MRSS feeds that contain a mix of RSS and HTML tags. You can use MRSS feeds that contain images, videos, or a mix of both.


You can subscribe to a Flickr Photostream using BrightAuthor. Just add your photostream as an MRSS feed. 

Note: You can add a Flickr Photostream, but you can't currently add individual Flickr sets.

For weather, you can use feeds from They have a mix of basic and advanced weather feeds, including weather maps. They also offer International weather services. 

BrightSign Network

If you have a BrightSign Network account, you can create Media RSS feeds using the intuitive WebUI. Simply log in to your account at, click on Create tab, select Live Media and follow the on-screen directions. Media RSS feeds can be distributed to your BrightSign players or other networked clients. To learn more about the "Live Media" feature, please see the BrightSign Network WebUI User Guide.

Custom – Building Your Own

A Media RSS feed is normally an XML file served by any public web server that points to images or videos. You can create a Media RSS feed using a free a Dropbox account (public folder).

If you are creating your own Media RSS feed, we offer a sample video .xml file and a sample image .xml file for reference. The following list outlines the tags that should be included with each media <item> in a MRSS XML used in a BrightAuthor presentation:

  • <title>: The title of the media file. This text can be displayed on screen if the MRSS feed is used with a Live Text state.
  • <link>: A direct URL link to the media file. This attribute should be identical to the <media:url> attribute.
  • <description>:  A description of the media file. This text can be displayed on screen if the MRSS feed is used with a Live Text state.
  • <guid>: A unique identifier for the media file. If this attribute changes when the MRSS XML file updates, the cached file on the player will be updated as well (even if all other media item tags remain unchanged).
    • ispermalink: If this attribute is True, the unique identifier also represents a permanent link to the media file.
  • <media>: A tag containing several attributes related to the media file.
    • url: A direct URL link to the media file. This attribute should be identical to the <link> attribute.
    • fileSize: The size (in bytes) of the media file. This attribute should always be specified to prevent duplicate file downloads.
    • type: The MIME type of the media file. With BrightAuthor presentations, this should be either "image" (followed by "jpeg", "png", or "bmp") or "video" (followed by "ts", "mpg", "vob", "mov", or "mp4"). For example, a .jpeg image would be tagged as "image/jpeg" and a .mov video would be tagged as "video/mov".
    • medium: Either "image" or "video", depending on the MIME type of file.
    • duration: (Images Only) The length of time an image file is displayed on screen.
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    Michael Maus

    So I adjsuted my presentation for the Live Media with the image.xml project metioned above and everything seem to work fine.

    So went into the image.xml file, adjusted the code, saved it to my webserver and renamed it FabricationMRSS.xml

    Here is how I adjusted the code:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <rss version="2.0" xmlns:media=""> 


              <title>Custom Image MRSS template for BrightSign Players</title>

              <link> http://<servername>/download/MRSS/FabricationMRSS.xml </link>

              <description>Image Test</description> <ttl>1</ttl>



                        <link> http://<servername>/download/mrss/fabricationcalendar.jpg </link>

                        <category>image</category> **

    **                    <description>image1</description>

                        <guid isPermaLink="false">0624</guid>

                        <media:content duration="10" type="image/jpeg" url="http://<servername>/download/MRSS/fabricationcalendar.jpg"/>




    I then republished the project with the **http://<servername>/download/MRSS/FabricationMRSS.xml **address and for some reason it goes back to showing the images from the image.xml example listed above.

    When I republished the project should those example images been deleted and my new image should apear or atleast show blank letting me know there is a link problem....

    Where am I going wrong with this?  Is there a function to just republish the project every x number of minutes to a device or have the device auto download a project after x number of minutes...?  This seems to be getting way more complicated then I was expecting it to be.

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    Lyndon (BrightSign Support)

    Did you keep the same guid from before? When the images are downloaded, their names are changed to match the guid. So, if your last mrss file used 0624 for an image, and you didn't change the guid, your new file wouldn't be downloaded. 

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    Michael Maus

    I changed the above code from  <guid isPermaLink="false">0624</guid> **to  <guid isPermaLink="false">0001</guid> and republished the project.  

    **Same results.  I cant believe I cant find a good tutorial on how to do this on the net.

    Im starting to feel this is not going to be an option for me.  I cant have my users doing anything but uploading a picture.  I LITERALLY had to tell one of them that when the pc ask you for a put in your having them go in and edit files like this is out of the question.

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    Alex (BrightSign Support)

    Try the approach from this thread:

    If this fails, send us your xml files before and after the update.

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    Lyndon (BrightSign Support)

    Can you use 3rd part sites? For example, you can use a flickr photostream on the brightsign, not the sets, but the photostream.  So, you could have them upload their pictures to a flickr photostream that the brightsign is pointing to.



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    Michael Maus

    I unfortunately can not use a 3rd party per company sensitive material that is being show on these employee notification boards.

    I had coded an html version that we have been using and wanted to instead of using pcs use the bright sign boxes.  I was just didnt do enough research to find out that the 220 I bought didnt support html.  

    As mentioned users can barely input their passwords and I cant rely on them to remember to change that guid...nor would I want them fumbling around in a coded document.

    I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow to see if they will see if its affordable for this project to upgrade to the 230 box or if we need to find another option.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Lyndon (BrightSign Support)

    If you had an html version then you could write a javascript that automatically generates the xml file based on images in the existing folder, or a batch file. It's going to be a problem if the users have to generate the xml themselves. Or edit it. Typos can cause things to break. But, if you can generate the xml automatically based on images in the folder, then that fixes that issue. 

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    Michael Maus

    Thank you for baring with a network admin...not a coder.  My html, xml, javascript is very limited.


    So here is my setup:

    I have a Windows 2008 server running IIS.  Right now it is hosting an html page that is programmed to refresh every minute.  http://<servername>/ClientPage.htm

    My users just take a screen shot of what they need everyone to see and overwrite the embedded image file..on the refresh the new image shows up.

    On my web directory I have created sub directories so that I can access my images from


    http://<servername>/download/mrss/Test1.jpg works fine.

    I have the following xml code in the same mrss directory:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <rss version="2.0" xmlns:media=""> **

    ** channel>

    ** <title>Custom Image MRSS template for BrightSign Players</title>**

    ** <link> http://jgr-dssrvr/download/MRSS/ImageMRSS.xml </link>**

    ** <description>Image Test</description> <ttl>1</ttl>**

    ** <item>**

    ** <title>image1</title>**

    ** <link> http://jgr-dssrvr/download/mrss/Test1.jpg </link>**

    ** <category>image</category> **

    ** <description>image1</description>**

    ** <guid isPermaLink="false">0001</guid>**

    ** <media:content duration="10" type="image/jpeg" url="http://jgr-dssrvr/download/MRSS/Test1.jpg"/>**

    ** </item>**

    ** </channel>**

    ** </rss>**

    When I go into my presentation and add a Media RSS Feed and it asks me for the URL I input http:\jgr-dssrvr\download\mrss\imagemrss.xml and it spits back an error saying this is an invalid URL.


    If I can at least get a test site up and running I think I can fumble around with the script enough to be able to get update working. 

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    Lyndon (BrightSign Support)

    You're missing the opening < for the first channel tag.

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    Michael Maus

    I added the "<" into the code... 

    Changed the guid from 0001 to 1234...republished the project...waited about 15sec at a black screen...then went back to scrolling through the 4 BrightSign test images from the above mentioned tutorial.

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