What storage module type/size do the XTx43 and XDx33 models support?

NoteThe SSD installation instructions can be found here

The SSD slot on the BrightSign XTx43/XDx33 is an M-keyed M.2 connector compatible with SATA drives. NVME/ACHI drives are not supported.

We recommend 80mm SSD modules for use with these players. There are holes to accommodate standoffs for 42mm and 60mm SSD modules, but you will need to install your own standoff to secure the module to the circuit board.

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    Can you please elaborate on this?

    M-keyed modules are NVMe.

    SATA modules are B&M-keyed, and although B&M keyed modules do fit in an M-keyed slot, it is confusing to explicitly specify M-keyed SATA.

    Furthermore, it is my understanding that using a SATA drive ultimately requires ACHI host bus adapter inside the main chipset for the OS to communicate with the SATA controller. But the spec explicitly states AHCI is not supported.

    Lastly, the SSD Requirements and Recommendations doc states ATAPI as the required interface. But ATAPI hasn't been used since SATA 1.0 for backwards compatibility with legacy ATA devices.

    So, what type of M.2 module is compatible with these players (XTxx43/XDxx33)?

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