Appspace Troubleshooting

This article outlines how to troubleshoot common issues encountered when using Appspace with BrightSign.

Firmware does not meet minimum requirement for Appspace

In some cases, you will need to update the firmware of a BrightSign player to meet the minimum requirement for the Appspace application.

  • When updating a player, ensure the SD/microSD card is formatted using FAT32.
  • To determine the current firmware version of a player, power on the player without an SD/microSD card inserted and view the version number on the display. You can also view the firmware version number on the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS).

Player not appropriately configured for network environment

The Appspace application will not work if network settings such as the static-IP/DHCP configuration, timeserver URL, or proxy-server configuration are incorrect. You can use the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) to determine if the player is using the correct network settings.

Once you've logged in to the DWS, navigate to the Log tab and search for the "gw" keyword (indicating gateway). Check the network settings that are on the same line as "gw".

You can use the Diagnostics tab on the DWS to test other network settings as well:

  • For proxy settings, click View under Network Configuration.
  • To test connectivity to the Appspace server, use the Download Speed Test to download a page from The test result will yield an error code if there's a connection issue.

Player RTC not set

If the player has not been powered on for some time, the battery for the real time clock (RTC) may be drained. The player will not connect to the Appspace server until the system clock has been re-adjusted. 

To set the RTC time on the player, open the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS), navigate to the Info tab, and click set next to the player Time.

Runtime issues

If none of the above issues can be identified, check the Log tab on the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) for obvious error messages. If nothing can be found on the DWS, the JavaScript console may indicate other errors with the HTML/CSS (e.g. some resources cannot be downloaded from the Appspace server). The JavaScript console can be accessed via http://<player-IP-Address>:2999.

Reaching the device menu

To open the device menu, attach a USB keyboard to the player and press the CTRL key. This will open a menu that allows you to restart or reset the device.

If the Appspace application is playing a full-screen hardware-accelerated (HWZ) video, the device menu will not accessible. 

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