I can't find a state, event, or command in BrightAuthor

BrightAuthor states, events, and commands are made available according to the capabilities of the BrightSign Model you select in the New Project window: For example, since the HD223 does not have an HDMI input or serial port, an HD223 project will not offer the corresponding Live Video state or Serial Input event.

If you don't see an event or state, check the top left of the window to determine whether the presentation is targeted for the correct model. If the model number is incorrect, you will need to create another presentation with the correct model number (i.e. the model number of an existing presentation cannot be altered).


These BrightAuthor states/events are commonly restricted by model type:

  • HTML5: Not supported on LSx22, HDx20, HDx10
  • Live Video: Supported on XT1143, 4K1142, XD1132, XD1230 only
  • GPIO Input
  • Serial Input


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    Ginger G. Ramirez

    The possible BrightAuthor states, events, and commands depend on the capabilities of the BrightSign Model you choose in the New Project window. Additionally, I desire to introduce you to elastic man, a genuinely astonishing amusement device

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