Can I modify the power level of the Bluetooth module transmitter?

It's not possible to modify the power level of the Bluetooth module transmitter via software; however, the power level can be reduced by adding an SMA attenuator to the antenna or by removing the antenna altogether.

The following are approximate power levels with these different methods:

  • Standard antenna: -50dBm
  • Standard antenna w/ -20dB attenuator inline: -70dBm
  • No antenna: -95dBm

Follow these steps to attach an SMA attenuator to the standard module antenna:

  1. Attach a reverse-SMA-to-SMA adapter to the antenna connector.
  2. Attach the SMA attenuator(s) to the reverse-SMA-to-SMA adapter.
  3. Attach an SMA antenna to the SMA attenuator, or attach the standard antenna to the SMA attenuator using a reverse-SMA adapter.
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