Configuring the RNDPLUS touch controller for use with BrightSign players

The RNDPLUS touch controller is used by TSItouch overlays and some Philips models (including the BDL4970EL). This controller does not work with BrightSign players by default; you must use the PulseIRController utility to change the touchscreen to stylus mode and connect the touchscreen to the player through a hub. 

  1. Connect the touch device to a Windows computer.
  2. Download the PulseIRUtility ZIP file from this page.
  3. Unzip the ZIP file and run the PulseIRController.exe utility.
  4. Select the device from the list at the top.
  5. Set the Touch Mode to Stylus.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Connect the touch device to a USB hub.
  8. Connect the USB hub to the BrightSign player.



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    Samsung Overlay LH48DM (CY-TD48LDAHE)  - this overlay also requires pulseir controller to change emulation to stylus

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    Daniel Regli

    What about the PHILIPS 65BDL3051T/00 screen? Any input about that touch screen?

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