How to activate players for BrightAuthor:connected

I’ll try to explain briefly how the players activate, which methods are available for activating them, and why this is a necessary step.
How to activate players
Note that this is a preference. Essentially, the below methods are two sides of the same coin. And they achieve the same result.
There are two main ways to activate them;

   1) Automatic activation

 You can scan a QR code with a smart phone, or use the BrightAuthor:connected Admin console and an activation code. Click Activate Device on your BrightAuthor:connected dashboard and enter the Activation Code that appears on the purple screen of your connected display



     2) Manual activation

You can directly add the player’s serial number by hand under Admin > Device Provisioning. This is also a valid way to activate the players.


Pros and Cons
You may find that you’re closer to these screens and it’s more intuitive to activate them automatically, or there could be situations where you’re not nearby the players at the time and have the serial numbers already prepared. You could find the manual activation approach more effective, especially if you’re provisioning a large number of players where they could be needing to be distributed to various stores etc. at different locations.

Why is player activation needed

For Cloud connected (Control and Content) players to be deployable over the internet players use the B-Deploy mechanism. And this mechanism must have a record (registration) of the player to allow its communication to its servers.


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    Mike Dunn

    I know this is how it's supposed to happen, but what if it doesn't?  Where do I find help for that?

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    Fatih Turhan

    One potential reason for that could be that the player was already registered at another network. You may want to check out this article;

    Another reason could be that the player could be running on an OS version below 8.0.119. This should be the behavior beyond v8.0.119, as that's minimum version that'll make a player compatible with BSN.Cloud/BrightAuthor:connected.

    Or it may have been configured before for some other type of setup, it could be for older BrightAuthor, for example. Prior configuration would have precendence in that case. What's described by the article should be the behavior out of the box, therefore you may want to factory reset any players that seem to be behaving in a different way. And ensure that they're running on an OS beyond v8.0.119.

    If the issue seems to continue please don't hesitate to send an email to

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