Common reasons for players to not appear under the Network tab

Usually this indicates that some part of the communication piece is missing. It could be a player side setting or configuration that hasn't applied successfully or something at the network level that is preventing a successful communication with BSN.Cloud servers. 

A few common points to check;

1) In the setup package make sure that the option for BSN.Cloud was enabled.


2) Make sure that the player was activated before or during the setup process. On how to activate the players, please see; 

3) Ensure that the network meets the requirements for successful communication of players with their servers. For these requirements, please see; 

4) It could be that players are running an older version of OS. The requirement for BSN.Cloud compatibility is that they run a version beyond 8.0.119. 

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    I think it's because they are having Internet problems or equipment failure. For example, when I play smash karts, I often get out due to network errors and sometimes due to full memory.

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