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    MidwichAU Support

    How do you work out the IP addresses of these AU335 players when you can't plug them into a screen without the SD card in it to see the IP address on screen?

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    Fatih Turhan

    For an AU335 model, you could find the IP address of the player if you simply type in something like this to your browser;
    http://brightsign-D7E86G001577.local/index.html where the D7E86G001577 should be replaced by the serial number of your player.
    The serial number should be written on the bottom of your BrightSign player.

    Another way to determine their IP addresses, is to plug them into your network, and do a network scan. There are various free tools that you could use for this purpose.
    You could do a scan after you plug in an AU335 to your network, and you would be able to recognize a BrightSign unit through its unique MAC address.

    Since the activation will also be relying on the same serial number, it may be prudent to make a note of device the serial numbers prior to deployment.

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