Set up BrightSign player in BrightAuthor:connected using sd card

To set up the player, please follow these steps:
  1. Disconnect the player from the power source and remove the sd card.
  2. Insert the sd card into your computer using a USB card reader if necessary.
  3. Format the sd card in exFAT.
  4. Open BrightAuthor:connected and navigate to "Admin > Setup" (documentation available at:
  5. Configure the settings for the player. Pay attention to the "Publishing Mode" option, which determines how content will be sent or published to the player in the future. Choose the appropriate mode based on your requirements.
  • Standalone: You publish content directly to the sd card and insert it into the player.
  • Local Network: You publish content to the player from a computer on the same local network.
  • You use to publish content to the player. Please note that this method requires a subscription. You can find more information in the BSN.Cloud Datasheet:
  • Web Folder: You publish content to a web server, and the player downloads and plays the content from the server.
  • Partner App: You use a third-party Content Management System to send content to the player. You can find a list of compatible CMS solutions in our partner applications:
  • App URL: Specify a URL to direct the player to an externally hosted application.
In the "Player Settings" on the right side:
  • Expand the "Player Configuration" section and enable the local diagnostic web server and the local web server.
  • Expand the "BrightSign OS Update" section, select the model of your player, and choose the production release.
  • In the "Advanced Section", enable if you want to connect the player to the cloud for remote management (view the player in the Dashboard and on the Network tab, and monitor the player's health status, logs, snapshots, access to diagnostic info, and change player's settings)
After specifying the settings, click the "Save Setup" button and select the sd card as the target location. Wait several minutes for the app to download the OS from the cloud.
Next, insert the sd card (with the setup files) into the player and connect it to power. The player will run the setup files (it will reboot several times). Remember, the sd card must always remain in the player.
You can now publish your presentations to the player in BrightAuthor:connected using the appropriate publishing method.
For more detailed instructions, please refer to the user guide available at:
Additionally, tutorial videos are available for further assistance at:
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