Set up the BrightSign player in BrightAuthor:connected using the sd card

Please follow the steps outlined below to set up the BrightSign player:

  1. Disconnect the player from the power source and remove the sd card.
  2. Insert the sd card into your computer, using a USB card reader if necessary.
  3. Format the sd card in FAT32 or exFAT.
  4. Navigate to "Admin > Device Setup" in BA:connected. (For more detailed instructions, please refer to the documentation at
  5. Set the player's settings, taking note of the "Device Type" which determines how content will be sent and published to the player in the future.
    • Standalone: content will be directly published to the sd card and inserted into the player.
    • Local File Networking: the sd card will remain in the player, and the content will be uploaded to the player from a computer over the local network.
    • Networking: select this option to add the player to the Content Cloud and publish content via the cloud (a subscription is required for each player).
    • Simple File Networking: publish content to a folder on an HTTP server, which can be either internal or external. You will set up and maintain the webserver yourself. The player will then check your webserver at regular intervals to see if there is updated content, and if so, it will download and play it.
    • Partner Application: use a third-party content management system instead of BrightAuthor:connected.
    • Customer Application URL: specify a URL to point the player directly to an externally hosted application.
  6. In the "Advanced Device Settings," expand the "Device Configuration" section and enable the local diagnostic web server and the local web server.
  7. Expand the "BrightSign OS Update" section, select the model of your BrightSign player, and choose the latest OS version.
  8. Expand the "Advanced Section" and enable if you want to connect the player to the cloud for remote management (view health status/logs/snapshots/diagnostic info/etc).
  9. Click the "Save Setup Files" button and select the sd card. Allow a few minutes for the app to download the OS from the cloud.
  10. Insert the sd card (with setup files) into the player and connect it to power. The player will run setup files and connect to the network. The sd card must always be kept in the player.
  11. You can now publish your presentations to the player from BA:connected.

For further information, please consult the user guide at, and tutorial videos at

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