Portrait presentation displays sideways on Portrait orientation display

Note that the information below applies to presentations created in BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected, content created in a Partner CMS may behave differently as the CMS may handle rotation in a different manner.

BrightSign players natively output Landscape video

BrightSigns operate natively with a landscape (horizontal) video output, just like Blu-ray/DVD players and most media players like Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Roku media players, and TiVo Stream.

While newer players and firmware do support custom resolutions which can potentially output true portrait video, this not yet natively supported in BrightAuthor or BrightAuthor:connected.


Output on Normal displays (without input rotation)

Displaying a Landscape presentation on most displays that are rotated to portrait (vertical) orientation results in the video appearing sideways, unless the display itself is doing some internal rotation.
Thus, for portrait presentations, the player internally rotates the content to output a Rotated Landscape display that would appear sideways if displayed on a Landscape-oriented display.

Output on Auto-rotating displays and displays with input rotation enabled

Some newer displays, for example, Samsung Frame models, have orientation sensors and the display will rotate the input based on the display's physical orientation.

This results in Landscape presentations appearing in the correct orientation, either letterboxed (bars at top and bottom) or stretched out of aspect depending on the display setting.

Portrait presentations, on the other hand, are pre-rotated by the player, then rotated again by the display resulting in the image being sideways and letterboxed or stretched out of aspect depending on the display setting.
Automatic input rotation should be disabled on displays like this to avoid the double-rotation.

For Samsung displays, the Source Content Orientation setting needs to be changed to force it to Landsacpe while the HDMI input is selected.

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