New Beta Version of Firmware Available: 3.10.52

There is a new beta version of BrightSign firmware available on the Software Downloads page. This firmware release contains the Twitter fix for older BrightSign models, including the following:

  • HD110
  • HD210
  • HD210w
  • HD410
  • HD810
  • HD1010
  • HD1010w

This is the companion firmware for the BrightAuthor beta released last week (version Please note that you must install this firmware on the player before publishing a presentation created in BrightAuthor

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    Alex Muñoz Basols

    Link for download? is it compatible with td1012? thanks

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    Alex Muñoz Basols

    Hello any updates? for td1012 and hdmi bug fix?

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    The HDMI/DVI issue is still open, and hasn't been resolved yet. 

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