BrightSign Network 3.1

The BrightSign Network has been updated to version 3.1. This update includes several new features and improvements:

  • Publishing and scheduling support for the XD230, XD1030, XD1230
  • Publishing and scheduling support for the AU320 (including support for uploading audio files)
  • Firmware update capabilities: You can use this feature, located in the Properties window of the Groups tab, to remotely update the firmware of your BrightSign players.

To learn how to use these new features, or any other features in the BrightSign Network WebUI, please see the BrightSign Network WebUI User Guide 3.1.

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    Stephanos Berger

    Some features in the GUI are crucial and we'd appreciate a quick improvement:

    • A "Select All"-function to load dozens of files into presentations or smart lists (like an audio playlist assembly with countless mp3-files)

    • A file listing feature with no icons, but full names without hovering the mouse pointer over the filename in both library and edit windows

    • A possibilty to manually rearrange groups in the list window to bring stores or locations in a logical name order

    • A general name change feature for groups, presentations and dynamic lists for a better rearranging of players in stores and locations

    • A duplicate feature for schedules in groups and groups themselves

    • A list view feature for presentations to make it easier ro rearrange or deleting objects in long playlists

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