BrightAuthor 3.8 Alpha

BrightSign is looking for users willing to test out the Alpha version of BrightAuthor 3.8. Please note that, this being an Alpha build, there are numerous stability issues, so we do not recommend using BrightAuthor 3.8 in a production environment.

The following is a list of features that are currently implemented in BrightAuthor 3.8 Alpha:

  • Presentation preview
  • BrightWall / Enhanced Synchronization
  • Copy/Paste, Export/Import States
  • Exit commands
  • 4K resolution support for XD players
  • Ability to populate Media Lists or Play Files from data feeds
  • Ability to interrupt scheduled presentations
  • Custom fonts in HTML5 states
  • HTML manifest caching
  • Autosave feature for presentations
  • Option to resize images that are too large
  • Notes section for all states
  • Support for wildcards within serial events
  • Dynamic Playlists for audio files
  • Ability to limit the number of Tweets displayed in a Twitter feed

Note: This feature list may change between the Alpha build and the public release of BrightAuthor 3.8.

If you would like to try BrightAuthor 3.8 and report back about bugs and usability issues you encounter, please contact

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    Mathias Clavelin


    I've just tried the app cache fonctionnality on BrightAuthor  3.8 for video playback within html5 doc.

    Works just fine with chrome

    But on my XD230 ( 4.7.122 ) disconnecting Ethernet cable will stop video playback few seconds after.

    I've tried setting cache limit to "unlimited" and 1gygabytes but there's no change. I still have the following message in my logs :

    [  137.112] ** Message: JS CONSOLE: Application Cache update failed, because size quota was exceeded.


    My video is 22Mo and SD card is 4GB with 75% free memory



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    Can you post this in the alpha forum? I Forwarded it to someone to look at. Can you send us the project, and content needed for us to test this. Is that page accessible remotely? How much content are you trying to cache?

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    John Lopez


    I am using the Brightsign XD230 with version 3.8  Alpha BA and I cannot get my presentation to transition from a zoned presentation to a full screen presentation. I have followed the aforementioned directions without luck. 

    Is it possible I am doing something incorrect or is this a bug?

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    BrightSign Support

    Please follow this faq:

    If problem persists, send us your presentation files (.bpf files) for review.

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