BrightSign Network Web API Reference Manual Version 3.6

The BSN Web API was updated in the recent upgrade of the BrightSign Network to version 3.6. These changes and improvements have been documented in the new version of the BSN Web API Reference Manual.

Important changes to the API include the following:

  • New Content Upload methods: Clients can now use upload "sessions" to upload collections of assets (for web pages); there are also new methods for cancelling file uploads and monitoring the status of file uploads.
  • Support for adding web page objects to presentations: This has necessitated changes to the parameters and return values of Web Page Management methods.
  • Support for audio-only Dynamic Playlists: This has resulted in separate entities and methods for Audio Dynamic Playlists and Image/Video Dynamic Playlists.
  • Support for retrieving device log reports: This includes the new DeviceLogReport entity and GetDeviceLogReports() method.

Note that the 3.6 Web API uses different SOAP access-point URLs from the 3.5 Web API (these are described in the Web API reference manual linked above). Also note that the 3.5 Web API access points and methods will be fully supported for the foreseeable future, so it is not necessary to upgrade your SOAP calls for the 3.6 version if the SOAP client is not utilizing the new feature set.

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