No video output playing a single video on the HD2000

If you are looping a single video on the HD2000 without a playlist, the video must be named Autoplay.mpg or Autoplay.vob.

  1. Verify that the autorun.bas and the video are both in the root of the flash card.
  2. Verify you have the correct version of the autorun. The latest is 2.0.43, which requires 2.x software. If you are using firmware version 1.3.x, you need autorun version 1.3.07. HD600 requires autorun 1.1.7.
  3. Verify that there isn't another Autoplay file on the flash card (Autoplay.bsp or Autoplay.csv or autoschedule.txt)
  4. Set your PC to show file extensions and make sure that you did not accidentally name the AUTOPLAY.MPG file AUTOPLAY.MPG.MPG.
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