Autoplay.csv demo interactive playlist works, but my playlist does not.

  1. Remove any non-alpha numeric characters from your file names. For example, the "+" character is not acceptable in a file name.
  2. Verify that every file used in interactive playlist is listed in the STATE column.
  3. Verify that a file is not listed twice in the STATE column. If you need to list a file twice in the STATE column, then create a duplicate of that file with a different name.
  4. Check the spelling of filenames in the .csv file to ensure that they match the actual filenames exactly.
  5. For any input you accept, verify that the same event isn't listed twice on the EVENTS row. For example, you can use "button:1" and "button:2", but you can't use "button:2" and "button:2".

Note: Some users have reported problems creating interactive playlists with OpenOffice. Please try Excel or Google Spreadsheet instead.

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