Where can I find TD1012 demo content and BrightAuthor projects?

Use the below links to download sample content and BrightAuthor presentations to play on the TD1012 player.

Sample Portrait Videos (1280x800) 

Portrait videos - Miscellaneous portrait videos 

Sample BrightAuthor Projects (1280x800)

TD1012 Retail Demo - Full screen looping playlist with retail oriented videos

TD1012 Montage Demo - Full screen looping playlist with miscellaneous videos

Note: 1280x800 demo content will display with black bars on the sides unless the View Mode of the presentation is set to "Scale to Fill" (Edit > Playlist > Zone Properties).

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    Alex Muñoz Basols

    Is there any new demos for td1012?

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    Ivan L.

    Thanks for leaving these videos up.

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