USB Touchscreen Isn’t Working Properly

Last Updated: November 23, 2015

Brightsign players currently support touch screens via the USB port only. First, check the “Which Touchscreens Can I Use with BrightSign Players?” FAQ to see if there are any known compatibility issues with your touchscreen model. 

HID Drivers

If you are not sure whether your touchscreen model is supported, check if it supports standard HID drivers: This means that the touchscreen will work with any device that has HID drivers installed, no matter the operating system of the device (Linux, Windows, OSX, etc.). HID drivers do not require any drivers from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers claim to support HID, but still use custom drivers that are not compatible with BrightSign players.


If the touchscreen is not responding, or if the coordinates don't align properly with the contact screen area, you may need to run the Calibration script. The Calibration .zip file contains a Readme file describing how to use the calibration script.

Further Steps

If you are still having problems after calibrating the player, try these solutions:

  1. Test your touch project using a USB mouse, which uses the same coordinate system as touchscreens. If the project doesn't work with a mouse, then there's a problem with the playlist or script you're using to accept touch input.
  2. Once you've confirmed that your project works properly with a mouse, we recommend using the Touch Capture script, which is included with the Calibration .zip file. Instructions for using the Touch Capture script are included in the Readme file. Once you have retrieved the logs generated by both the Calibration and Touch Capture scripts, contact and attach the logs to your support ticket.
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    Johan Schelfhout

    This is a solid methodology - first prove that the script works with a mouse,

    then check it with the touch connected.

    In this way, we establised that the script worked on both a HD 1010 and a HD 1020 unit with a mouse

    but that the touchscreen does not work with a HD1020 unit (and works allright with a HD101 unit).

    I will send HID info.


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    Lee Dydo

    We have a player that's outputing a 1920x1080 signal to a 1920x360 screen, which just displays the top portion of the signal. Would this script work in our case, or does it require the entire 1920x1080 visible?

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