SD card is not recognized by the player

Last Updated: November 24, 2015

If you are seeing a "Please Insert Card" message on the display when you boot up the player, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue: 

  1. If you are using the Standalone publishing method, verify that you published the BrightAuthor:connected or BrightAuthor presentation files (autorun.brscurrent-sync.xml, etc.) to the root of the SD card (e.g. "SD:\").
  2. Verify that the card is inserted properly into the SD card slot until you hear a click.
  3. If this is a new card, ensure that it is formatted as FAT32.
  4. Try a different brand and/or size card.
  5. If the player is an HD110, HD210, HD410, HD810 or HD1010, verify that the card is not SDXC.
  6. If using an HD2000, verify that the card is not SDHC.
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    Joseph Valentine

    Hi! I was wondering if someone from BrightSign support could advise me on what to do. We are currently without any output on our front of house displays so this is fairly urgent for us.

    After upgrading the BS firmware to 4.7.416 in order to be compatible with BrightAuthor, booting up the BrightSign XD1030 displays the BrightSign Logo, a some diagnostic information and a message reading 'Please Insert Card'

    I have already tried the following:

    • Verify your files are in the root of the flash card

    They are

    • Verify the card is inserted properly into the sd card slot until you hear a click

    It is

    • If this is a new card, please reformat as FAT32

    Card is formatted as FAT32

    • Try a different brand and/or size card.

    Tried two cards. Different brand and size.

    • If using an HD2000, please verify it's an SD card, not SDHC.

    I've tried both SD and SDHC.


    I'm totally confused by this. Is it the firmware update, or any chance that it is the actual SD reader? The unit is brand new (out of box for two days).

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    BrightSign Support

    Please send a print screen of what is on the sd card. Thanks.

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    Anton Hyginus

    I am having this same issue, please help. The SD card is in the player, but it says "Please insert Card". Only one player out of 21 has this issue, what can be done to resolve this?

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi Anton,

    What is the model of the player? Have you tested with a different SD card?

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    Andrew Evans

    I am working with a HD220 unit, and have had ongoing issues with the playback using an SD card. 

    I currently work on a Mac, so I cannot use the BrightSign Author software, which is why I only want to use an SD card, with JPEGs only. 

    The images were loading properly, and then after adding a new image to the card (same size and format) none of the images would load after re-inserting the card. 

    The unit indicated I needed to upgrade the firmware to 4.8.114 which I added to the SD card, inserted it, and it installed, then removed itself from the card. 

    The images are still not loading from the SD card, which is brand new. It's an 8gb Scandisk Extreme SDHC, and as I mentioned, it was working fine at one point. 

    There are no other files on the card, the images are just dragged and dropped directly into the SD card folder. 

    I have tried loading the images onto the card from several different computers. 

    I have tried turning the unit on and off again many many times, with the card plugged in, with it not plugged in, and just about every other troubleshooting method I can think of.

    How can I get this SD card working again so we can get our images back on up the screens?

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    Nicholas Munoz

    Am using players for a second exhibition video installation. I had the same problem publishing to an SD card that was part of a four channel synchronized artwork. In this latest round I only have a two channel synced artwork and two separate video art pieces. There is no pattern as to when the players will or will not read the card. They can be working great for days and then all of a sudden the "Bright Sign Insert Card" shows up on the screen. This happens only when we power up the units. I have been able to eject card and reinsert it and that usually does the trick but these players are mounted overhead and need to access with ladders of scissor lift. Players are connected to a power strip and power to the strip comes from our lighting track which is shut down everyday for safety reasons. 

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi Nicholas,

    When this problem happens next time, access the diagnostic web server of the player, click on LOG tab, get a copy of log entries (Ctrl + A to select all), save logs to a text document and send .txt file to for review.

    You can try replacing the SD cards. We recommend using the BrightSign approved cards.

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    Dariel Campos

    Have a multiple players few HD110 and some HD120, when I create presentations with Bright Author the HD110 won't reproduce/read the SD, what will be the best way to create presentations for both players?  

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    Ravi joshi

    We have this card in XT 1143 in the screen we are getting - please insert sd card for recovery.  Please help what should i do   

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