Image files don't display on the player

Last Updated: October 20, 2016

If your image isn't displaying, it might be an unsupported format: View this FAQ to determine if the image format is supported. Also, ensure that the image size does not exceed 2048x1280 (XTx43/XDx33/4Kx42 models can display images up to 4096x2160).

Important: CMYK JPEGS are not supported.

TipYou can increase the maximum allowed width of images by sacrificing height (e.g. you can use a 4096x640x32bpp image on players that lack a 4K decoder is allowed). You can also increase the maximum width/height by reducing the bpp value (e.g. you can use a 4096x1280x16bpp image on players that lack a 4K decoder).

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    I was creating photoshop jpegs in cmyk and it took a while to figure out why they wouldnt transfer with my projects. Makes sense and corrected the issue based on this. Thanks!

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    Derek Nugent

    I'm having trouble with images having to be resized by BrightAuthor before they can be displayed.

    Even images that BrightAuthor has resized already need to be resized before publishing. This is a serious flaw as I have _resized_resized files all over my hard drive just to get a presentation to play.

    When comparing the original image with the resized image they are exactly same or at least seem so (I only use RGB color space in the single layer png format).

    I'm using BrightAuthor 4.6... can anyone help?

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