No audio, but video plays correctly

Last Updated: September 1, 2014.


No audio output is normally cased by the wrong audio codec being used or an incorrect setting in BrightAuthor.

  1. Verify that the video has audio.
  2. If playing back MPEG1/MPE2 Video, verify that the audio is MPEG-1 Layer II or MPEG-1 Layer III.
  3. If using AC3 in MPEG2 video, AC3 audio can be passed through over HDMI or SPDIF, but not decoded by the Brightsign. If using Adobe Premiere to encode the video with the SurCode codec for audio, SurCode needs to be in BlueRay mode, not Dolby Digital.
  4. For H.264 video, AAC audio is decoded, but not AAC Surround. So, if the video is using AAC Surround, you wouldn't hear any audio over HDMI or SPDIF to your display (or over analog output). PCM audio is only supported on XD players.
  5. For WMV video, WMA audio is not supported: Try converting to MP4 (e.g. using Handbrake or the latest Microsoft Movie Maker).
  6. In BrightAuthor, under properties for your main zone, verify that the audio output setting is correct. For example, if you're using HDMI for audio, and the audio output is set to analog only, you won't hear any audio.zoneproperties_audio.JPG
  7. If you are using the USB Expander or an HD600/HD2000, verify you are plugged into the correct audio output and you've set your playlist or script to use the corresponding audio output.
  8. Try re-encoding the video, or using a different application to encode the video.
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    We have always experienced playing 5.1 from your Rokus. In fact we have not been able to since you stop making the larger units with the three analogue outputs - units for 2009.

    Is it possible to play a muxed .ts file that is 720 x 576 PAL format with 5.1 surround? This file would work perfectly if authored using Apple's DVD Studio pro to play off a DVD.  I just want to play it as an autoplay.brs file and not even have to use Bright author. If I sound frustrated I am. Why isn't simple?

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    Jerry White

    Has this ever been resolved. I too am having this issue. I use the same setup for three hd1010s. One has analog stereo and the other two are hdmi. All three stop playing audio and have to be rebooted.

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    Hi Jerry

    This may not be answer to your problem.

    The main issue I had was understanding what play-through meant. Prior to the problems I was experiencing we used HD2000 players. These players decoded the 5.1 for you, and you could send the audio to an amp that had 6 inputs for each 5.1 channel. On the HD 2000 you could simply program:

    audiomode 0: Provides decoded 5.1 surround sound (via USB or all six analog outs). Now no longer available.

    The new Roku models only play-through the HDMI audio and you need an amp to do the decoding.

    I only ever use .ts files where the audio is either muxed 5.1 or for stereo outputs. These always work.

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    I got not Audio Sound from live HDMI input on  XT1143, my Configuration is simple with just one zone with HDMI  Input Video feed, but I got no sound from HDMI nor Analog Audio output. Zone properties has setup with passing HDMI and Analog Audio but got no with Live input is selected in this zone. Video Files Zone can get normal sound however.

    Can anyone confirm if XT1143 supports Passing Audio from HDMI Live Input ?

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    If your MPEG2 video includes AC3 audio, you can hear it through the Brightsign's HDMI or SPDIF outputs, but the device won't be able to decode it. When encoding with Adobe Premiere and the SurCode audio codec, make sure SurCode is set to BlueRay mode and not Dolby Digital. driving directions


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    Louis Clark

    BrightSign Sync is supported on Series three and four models, and for successful synchronisation, your players must be the exact series as others within the company. @house of hazards    

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