Video is playing faster than normal speed

Last Updated: June 8, 2016

If your video appears to be playing too quickly on the BrightSign player, but plays at normal speed on your computer, then the problem is likely caused by the content. Another possibility is that you are playing an unsupported MPEG elementary stream.

Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Download the BrightSign sample video content. Verify that these videos play properly on the player.
  2. Double-check the type of MPEG file you are playing. Some programs generate MPEG elementary files even if you select the MPEG-2 program stream or transport stream option (this is especially true if the video has no audio). BrightSign players do not support MPEG elementary streams. If you have an MPEG elementary stream that's encoded at 25 fps, but the player is outputting a resolution that's at 50p or 75p, the file will play faster than normal.
  3. Try re-encoding your video as an MPEG-2 program stream or transport stream. Some encoders may require that you add a silent audio layer in order to create a program stream. There are also several utilities that you can use to convert your elementary stream into a program stream or transport stream, including Womble's Mpeg2Vcr.
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