I only get exFAT and NTFS as format options for my SDXC card

Last updated on February 13, 2016.

Some SDXC cards are formatted using exFAT, which is supported by Series 4 (XTx44, XDx34, HDx24, LS424) Series 3 (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423) players running 6.2.94 or later. Other SDXC cards may be formatted as NTFS, which has limited support.

If Windows does not give you the option to format as FAT32, you can download this the following utility to reformat your card as FAT32:

GUIformat: https://www.brightsignnetwork.com/download/Tools/guiformat.zip

Rename the guiformat.axe file to guiformat.exe after unzipping the file.

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