Remote Snapshot not working on BSN

Two conditions must be met for Remote Snapshot to work on a player:

  1. The Enable Remote Snapshot box must be checked during the Device Setup process.
  2. The player must be running a presentation created in BrightAuthor or later.

Even if a device has Remote Snapshot enabled, assigning it to a group that is running an older BrightAuthor presentation will prevent it from taking screenshots. The following are some options for updating the presentation in the group:

Important: Any of the following solutions may require you to update the firmware on your networked players. 

Recreate the Presentation in a New Version of BrightAuthor

Use a contemporary version of BrightAuthor ( or later) to create the presentation again and upload it to the BrightSign Network.

Export the Presentation from the Old Version of BrightAuthor

  1. Open the original presentation in the old version of BrightAuthor.
  2. Click File > Export <presentation name> to export the presentation. 
  3. Install a contemporary version of BrightAuthor( or later).
  4. Use this version to open the exported presentation.
  5. Save and upload the presentation to BSN.

Update the Autorun of the BSN Group

Because this solution may cause unexpected changes in presentation behavior, we recommend using a non-production group and player(s) to test this solution first before attempting it on units in the field.

  1. In BrightAuthor, log in to your BSN account.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Advanced.
  3. Click the Update Autorun tab.
  4. Check the boxes next to the group(s) you wish to use Remote Snapshot.
  5. Click Update now.


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