Capturing a TCP Dump from the DWS

If your IP stream does not playback as expected, please follow the below instructions to generate a TCP dump from the BrightSign Player Diagnostic Web Server (DWS).

1) Enable the DWS on your player. See the Diagnostic Web Server documentation for more details.

2) Download this presentation/plugin.

3) Unzip and then open this presentation.

4) Go to File > Presentation Properties > Variables. Enter your IP stream URL as the Default Value for the "StreamURL" variable.

5) Publish the presentation. After you publish the presentation, the player should reboot.

6) Access the player's DWS by entering the IP address of the player into a web browser on the same local network. (Please note that you have less than 10 seconds after the player has rebooted to complete step 7)

7) Initiate a Network Packet Capture: Go to the Diagnostics tab, click the Network Capture button, then click the Start button. Please make sure to click the Start button while the on-screen message ("Display IP Stream in 10 seconds") is still displayed on screen.

8) Allow the network capture to run for ~ 30 seconds, then click the Stop button.

8) Retrieve the capture file by going to the SD tab and clicking on the Disk icon next to the "capture.pcap" file.

9) Go to the LOG tab and download the system log.

10) Please send both the "capture.pcap" file and the content of the LOG tab to BrightSign Support analysis.


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