Can I play content from a USB thumb drive or USB hard drive?

Yes, any player model with a USB port can play content from a USB thumb drive or USB hard drive.

With firmware versions 6.1.57 and later, players can support storage devices up to 1TB. If your player(s) have an earlier version of firmware, you can use USB drives up to a capacity of 500GB.

The storage device should be formatted using FAT32 or exFAT. Note that exFAT is only supported on Series 4 (XTx44, XDx34, HDx24, LS424) and Series 3 (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423) models and newer models using firmware version 6.2.94 or later.

If you want to play files larger than 4GB, and your player doesn't support exFAT, you can format your drive using NTFS. However, this is only compatible with standalone units: NTFS-formatted storage cannot receive network updates (i.e the thumb drive will be read only).
Furthermore you cannot use any functions that write to the storage including Logging, Remote Snapshot, and User Variables

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    How will you set the player to use the USB hard drive instead of the SD storage?

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    Lilly Watson

    For any kind of technical related query regarding system hard drive, then contact acer laptop hard drive for the best solution. Hope this will help you.

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    What quality level of USB is required?  Will any old USB work just fine or is an industrial grade suggested?

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