How many displays can I connect to the Brightsign?

Last Updated: September 8, 2014

BrightSign models support one display for each video connector. For older models, this can include an HDMI, as well as a VGA or Component, connector. Note that every display will play exactly the same content.

The video mode (resolution) of the displays must be supported on both video outputs: If the resolution is supported by HDMI but not VGA (or vice-versa), the second display will not work correctly. See this FAQ to compare the supported video resolutions of different connectors. The behavior of the different connectors varies slightly depending on player model:

  • HD810 and HD1010: For all other resolutions except 1080p, HDMI and Component are active at the same time.
  • HD2000: When the player is set to a VGA resolution like 1024x768 or 1360x768, component and HDMI are inactive. You  can connect up to three displays at the same time. Both HDMI and Component ports are active at the same time when in use. You can connect one HDMI and two Component displays: The VGA output is active and can be connected to a component display, with an adapter.  

It would be possible to use an HDMI or VGA splitter and connect as many screens to the BrightSign video output as desired, but we cannot recommend this because we have not tested these types of devices internally. We recommend that you check with the manufacturer recommendations for the splitter in terms of distance, resolution, etc.


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