What class of SDHC flash card should I use?

Last Updated: October 14, 2014

You can use any class of SDHC flash card with a BrightSign player. There are four classes of SDHC cards available:

  • Class 2 (rated at 2MB/s)
  • Class 4 (rated at 4 – 4.8MB/s)
  • Class 6 (starts at 6MB/s)
  • Class 10 (rated at 10MB/s)

We recommend a minimum of Class 4 for HD video playback and Class 10 for 4K video playback. Please see the SD Card Technote for more details.

NoteWe recommend formatting your SD card using FAT32. Formatting your card using NTFS allows you to play media files that are 4GB or larger in size, but the player will not be able to receive network updates or generate logs.

Note: SDXC cards are not supported on the HD210, HD410, HD810, HD1010, HD600, or HD2000 models.

Note: SDHC cards are not supported on the HD600 and HD2000 models. Some customers have reported playback problems and I/O errors with Transcend SDHC cards that are 8GB or larger. 


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