Can I change the font and text size for Text and RSS Feed states using BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: May 5, 2016

Font Size

You can adjust the font size in a Ticker zone by changing the number of lines being displayed in the zone: Select the Ticker zone and click the Zone Properties button; this will open the Zone Properties window, where you can increase the number of lines in the zone. The font size decreases with more lines and increases with fewer lines. You can also increase or decrease the size of the zone to adjust font sizes.

You can adjust the font size of a text widget in a Live Text state by selecting the desired widget and clicking Set Text Parameters. There you can choose an Automatic or Fixed point font size for the text in the widget. If the size is set to Automatic (the default option), the font will scale vertically to fill the entire text box (i.e. each text widget contains only one line of text).

Font Type

You can use any TrueType or OpenType font to display text. Select a font file using the Browse button in Zone Properties (Ticker zone) or Set Text Parameters (Live Text state). When selecting a font file, you cannot browse to the font files in the Windows fonts folder. You will need to copy the font file to your Desktop or another location and then select it using the Browse button in BrightAuthor.

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