Do BrightSign players support overlaying text or images on video in BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: May 5, 2016

Yes, all models but the HD600 support overlaying text or images on video.


You can display text over video using a Ticker zone; setting the Transparency to 100% in the Zone Properties of the Ticker zone will remove the text background completely, allowing the video to show through. You can also overlay text using a Live Text state (in an Images zone) on top of a Video Only zone or a Video or Images zone.


Image files that are displayed in an Images (or Video or Images) zone will automatically display on top of video zones. You can also use PNG images with transparency, and videos will play through the transparent regions of the PNG files. 

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    hi! i m playing video files via rs232 (very basic). is it possible to play a file on top?

    my task is: playing a video file 2-3min and black it out sometimes but continue to play the video underneath.

    thanks for the info

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    George Backer


    I've just scanned downloads and don't see BrightAuthor 5.0.x and later listed on any Brightsign products.   Is 5.0.x in development and not available for download?  

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi George,

    BrightAuthor v5 is in development and not available now.

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    Ilan Borowski

    Can I have a zone with a dynamic playlist of images, and on top a zone with a video that contains an alpha channel?

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