Do BrightSign Players support Genlock?

Note: The current version of BrightAuthor:connected doesn't support BrightWall™. To use BrightWall™ BrightAuthor versions 3.8.0.x or later must be used, but BrightAuthor:connected does support Enhanced Synchronization. BrightAuthor:connected and BrightAuthor can be used and installed on the same device. 

Genlock (frame-accurate VSync) is available with firmware version 7.0 and is automatically integrated in all BrightWall™ and Enhanced Synchronization presentations as of BrightAuthor version 4.7.1.x or later.

Note: Synchronization is not supported over a Wireless connection.

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    Could you give an example script to enable gen lock?

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    Nikolay Klochkov

    Is genlock synchronization available on the 4th series of devices without using BrightScript?

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