Configuring a BrightSign player to use a proxy

Last Updated: December 3, 2015

You can configure BrightSign players to connect through a proxy server. The proxy server can be set during the player setup process in BrightAuthor (a recent BrightAuthor version is required). If you need to provide a user name and password for the proxy, you can enter it using this format: <user name>:<password>@<proxy server address> (e.g. “”).

 A proxy server can also be set manually using a script.

Tools > Setup A Unit > Advanced Network Setup: Proxy with username and password included



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    National Blood Authority

    I'm having an issue where the password contains an @ symbol. The form validation fails. Is there are way around this?

    Also, in the Advances Network Setup image above, should there be a colon between the username and password instead of an @ symbol?

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    When I enter a password in the address, I get a "Proxy specification is invalid". I have a XD1032 with up-to-date firmware.



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    Alex Nunez

    If the password contains this special character (p@ssword), the @ symbol will break the password string itself.

    To get around this you need to use the ASCII equivalent for @ or %40 .


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    Dave Modl

    I have the problem that when I use the proxy setting I cannot get to my local subnet. A fix for this would be to include a NO_PROXY setting to add domains that should skip going through the proxy.

    The current method means I need to set the proxy to get to external sites but can't get to local sites OR I turn off the proxy and can get to local sites but can't get to external sites, like timeservers, weather bug, etc. 

    A (near) future enhancement to the players and BrightAuthor?

    Thanks. Dave

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    Alex Nunez


    You can add Proxy Bypass entries when you Setup the player and create the SD card. Under Advanced Network Setup, click on (+) Add Host, then add the domain and/or and any child domains you will use.


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