Configuring the IP address on a BrightSign player

Last Updated: September 2, 2014

You can have the player use DHCP to obtain an IP address, or you can manually assign an IP address for the player during unit setup. The default option during unit setup is to use DHCP, which allows the player to automatically request an IP address from your network.

You can navigate to Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit > Advanced Network Setup to manually configure the IP settings of the player If you're using BrightAuthor 3.5 or later. You can configure IP settings for both Wired and Wireless networks. Proxy settings are also available in the Advanced Network Setup window.

Example: Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit > Advanced Network Setup -- Manual IP configuration with local network enabled (Manual IP BrightAuthor 3.5 or later)


Example: Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit  -- Manual IP configuration with local network enabled (Earlier BrightAuthor Releases)



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    Ken Rerdon

    Is there an advantage to use one verses the other (DHCP verses Static).


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    BrightSign Support

    Having static IPs will make it easier to find and communicate with devices on your network as you will know its IP without having to check your network and see what address the device had been assigned randomly.

    The disadvantage of static IP assignment - if you want to move the device from one network (location) to another, you may need to reconfigure the unit (create new setup files).

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    Jim Leech

    Does the device and the computer with the software need to be on the same subnet?

    Example: device


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    We recommend the same subnet but have customers that use it over vpns. As long as there's a route from software to player then it can work. 

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    Lee Campbell

    I have found there is no need to reconfigure a XT1143 to assign a static IP address to a unit that is using DHCP.  Use DWS to access the players SD card... 

    1. Open Scripts Folder
    2. Click the Download Icon (disc) for config-int.brs
    3. Once the file has downloaded, open it with Notepad ++ (You can download here.)
    4. Update the settings below. Ensure that setupParams.ethernetParams.useDHCP = false
    5. Update IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and at least 1 DNS server.
    6. Save config-int.brs
    7. Rename config-int.brs on the BS player to config-int.old
    8. Upload edited config-int.brs to Scripts Folder on player
    9. Reboot Player
    10. Player is now set to use the static IP addressing provided in the brs file.
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    George Backer

    I don't see a SCRITS folder (by DWS or pulling the micro SD card from the device.   Where do I find a config-int.brs file?

     I searched support and your process seems straight forward but unable to edit a file as it doesn't exist on my XT1143.   This is exactly what I'm looking for instead of running around to 38 stations to swing to a new network.

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    Eric Hoskins

    Please update this article.  Appears that IP settings are held in the setup.json file on newer players....

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    When I remove the device's micro SD card and check the DWS, there is no SCRITS folder. Where can I get a hold of a config-int.brs file?

    I looked up some help and your procedure seems sense, but I can't make any changes because the file doesn't exist on my XT1143. Instead of visiting 38 stations to switch networks, this is just what I need.  geometry dash

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