Can I update content remotely on multiple BrightSign players at the same time?

Last Updated: February 19, 2015

Yes. Using the BrightSign Network, you can organize your players into groups, and then schedule content to be deployed to one of more groups at the same time (or on different dates at different times).

With the Simple File Networking feature in BrightAuthor, you can configure multiple units to check the same folder on your remote web server for content updates. To update your units, you publish changes locally and then transfer those changes to your web server. 

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    Ian Lewis

    exactly what I wanted to know.

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    Franck NLENG


    I use brightAuthor  within a Local Network. 

    actually I deployed 10 Brightunits. If i want to  change what the projects it's simple just for 10, but when i will have 100 and want to change the project, how I should do ?

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi Franck,

    100 units will be managed the same way like you manage 10.

    Local Networking isn't designed for big number of players. BrightSign Network or Simple File Network is more convenient tool.

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