How do I encode H.264 transport streams using Episode?

Last Updated: May 4, 2016

Transport streams work well for synchronized or interactive projects. Use the following settings to create H.264 Transport Streams for playback on BrightSign players.  

Recommend Encode settings:

  • Encoded using Episode Pro v5
  • Encoded to MPEG-TS

General/System Packets: Default

Video Encode: H264
Audio Encode: Lame MP3 or AAC-HE


General Tab

Video Settings:

  • Frame Rate: 29.97
  • Size: 1920 x 1080

Bandwidth Control: Padded CBR
Average rate: 16,000 kbit/s

Keyframe control: Natural & Forced Keyframes
Keyframe Distance: 30
Number of Reference Frames: 2
Number of B-frames: 1

Profile & Quality Tab

Encoding Profile: Main
Entropy Coding: CAVLC

Quality Settings

  • Use 2-pass encoding: ON
  • 2-pass interval: 242 (don't set this to high it can cause problems)
  • Encoding Speed vs Quality: 100 (high quality)

Use deblocking filter: ON

Advanced Tab: Default for all settings


Encoding type: Bitrate Based
Bit Rate: 128 Kbit/s
Settings: Standard

Tested on BrightSign HD1010

Note: At data rates of 14Mbps+, you'll need a decently Class 4 or Class 10 SD card to avoid problems with dropped audio, as well as other possible playback issues.

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    Erik Franzen

    Has any one got this is work with VLC Streaming

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