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    Joel Marinaccio

    Where do we find these commands?  How do we get the HEX view of these commands?  

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    Daniel Johnson

    @Joel Marinaccio

    I just ran into this thread, thought I would add a link... I'm sure you have already resolved this, but for future reference, here is a link to the IR codes for both BrightSign remotes;



    Please note that we are still using the NEC code set, which is also the same as the Roku Soundbrige...

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    Dieter Guns

    Hi there,

    Speaking of a plugin for 3th party remotes.

    Is there an example/working plugin that does the trick?

    I have figured out the decimal values that my remote is sending out, but don't know how to translate them to the existing IR commands that BS is accepting.


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    Mark Richards


    Kuowei Liao shared an example that looks like what you need in this thread:
    The download link for an example for converting IR codes to the existing BS commands was:
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    Rachel Yurkovich

    Can someone help me out I am looking for something along these lines-

    We have an XT1143 player connected via its serial port >> to IR connection in a Beetronics monitor https://www.beetronics.com/24-inch-monitor 

    These are the connections the monitor has:

    Looking for a way to turn the monitor ON and OFF through the BrightSign player.

    Using the HDMI connection worked in my testing but not on-exhibit where it is installed so I think the HDMI cord there isn't cooperating or something else...

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