How do the BP200 & BP900 button boards work?

The USB Capacitive Touch Button Pads offer a demonstration and development platform for implementing button interactivity and LED controls. Two models are available: a 4-button (BP200) and an 11-button (BP900) touchpad. Both models have a USB Mini-B port and are compatible with any BrightSign player that supports USB.

Button triggering and functionality is easily customized in BrightAuthor and BrightAuthor:connected. You can also connect multiple button pads to a single player: see this Tech Note for details.

If you are covering the buttons with other materials, please confirm the following:

  • That the material is ¼” or thinner; if too thick a plastic is used, the buttons will not trigger. Acrylic, PC, and ABS surfaces have all been verified to work. 
  • That there isn't an air gap between any material you're using to cover the board and the board itself. 

The device self-calibrates on bootup and isn’t manually adjusted in the player software or hardware. Please be sure to test your application before broad deployment. 

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    1/4" plexi was too thick for me for buttons to be fully responsive. A full thumb would trigger the button, but not fingertip. I'm going with 1/8".

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    Jean-Marc Langevin

    We have found that with some installations a small gap does need to be there otherwise the button locks up. It may be that the Button board is pressed up too tight against the plastic it does not register the finger going away.

    Just our observation


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    Rochelle Robinson

    Didn't work with black ABS board; all the sensors on the button board light up.

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    Linton, James

    I found out that the button board needs more than POE to function. Using the BrightSign power adapter was required to give enough power for the button board to calibrate and function properly even if the player was using power over ethernet (POE).

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