What codec or content type works best for Synchronization?

Last Updated: October 19, 2016

We recommend using H.264 MOV/MP4 video files (or 4K H.265 MOV/MP4 files) for synchronization and BrightWall applications.

BrightWall presentations also support Transport Stream (.ts) video files, but they must begin with a presentation timestamp (PTS) offset of 0 for firmware versions prior to 6.x. Program Stream files are not supported.

Legacy Models: HDx10, TD1012

We recommend using Transport Stream (Instead of a Program Stream) as the container format for files that you want to synchronize. 

Note: You can synchronize images on all BrightSign models. Note that image playback can be slow on HDx10, HDx20, and LS422 models due to a less powerful CPU.

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    Adobe Media Encoder , part of Premiere and After effects has MPEG2 transport streams. You need to select the option in the multiplexer setting.

    As far as i can see H264 cannot use ts in AME.

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