Network diagnostics

Last Updated: March 9, 2015 

There are several ways to perform a network test on a BrightSign player:

1. When setting up the player in BrightAuthor

You can perform network diagnostics while installing setup files on the player:

  1. In BrightAuthor, go to Tools > Setup BrightSign Unit.
  2. Click Advanced Network Setup, select Diagnostics, and check the Enable Network Diagnostics box.
  3. Check the boxes under Enable Network Diagnostics to test desired interfaces. Refer to BrightAuthor User Guide for more details (pages 11, 15, 21, 26).

When you insert an SD card with the setup files (with network diagnostics enabled) into the player and power it up, the player will run a network test, display the results on the screen, and then continue the normal setup process.

2. Using a Diagnostic Web Server

If you have the Diagnostic Web Server enabled on your player (see Diagnostic Web Server User Guide for more details), you can use it to perform network diagnostics:

  1. Log into the diagnostic server by typing the IP address of the player into a web browser. To get the IP address of a player, power on the player without an SD card: After a few moments, the IP address will be shown on the display connected to the player.
  2. Navigate to the Diagnostics page.
  3. Click Run under Network Diagnostics to run a network test. You will see the results of the test in the web browser.

3. Using a script

Use the attached script to run a network diagnostic test on a BrightSign player. It will test the Ethernet connection for a link and the wireless connection for connectivity. It will also test if the BrightSign can reach the Internet. The results will be shown on the display connected to the BrightSign. Follow these steps to use the script

  1. Download the attached autorun.brs file.
  2. Copy the file to an SD card.
  3. Power up the unit with the SD card inserted.

The updated version of the script is attached below. It will provide more diagnostic info on the screen. Rename the file to autorun.brs after copying it to a blank SD card. 

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    Christopher rondon

    Do we copy both files on to an SD card? Which file name do we have to change its not very clear. Please let me know thanks

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    Download autorun_updated.brs file.

    Rename it to autorun.brs and copy it to a blank SD card (formatted in FAT-32).

    Insert SD card in the BrightSign.

    Connect power adapter to the BrightSign.


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