BrightAuthor Simple File Networking setup.

Last Updated: August 29, 2014

Setting up a Player with Simple File Networking

  1. Click Tools >  Setup BrightSign Unit.


The BrightSign Unit Setup window allows you to configure the network settings of your BrightSign player and the URL that the player will check for content updates.

  1. Under unit configuration, select Networked with Simple File Networking.
  2. Enter the URL that corresponds to the location where your files are accessible (e.g.  would allow you to access your current-sync.xml from a web browser).

Note: You should enter the folder URL only (e.g. when setting the Simple File Networking Parameters.

  1. Click on Create Setup Files to write the network and setup files to a blank SD card. 
  2. Insert the SD card in your BrightSign player and power it on.

At this stage the BrightSign player will run a network configuration script and then attempt to download the presentation from the specified HTTP web server.

Depending on the size of your published presentation and the quality of the Internet connection, this step could take some time to complete. Once completed, the player should begin playback of the published presentation.

Publishing a Project for Simple Networking update

  1. Create a presentation using the Edit tab.


  1. Save the presentation (File > Save).
  2. Click the Publish tab and select Simple File Networking.


  1. Click Set Parameters under Simple File Networking Parameters.


  1. In the URL for web folder field, make sure to enter the same URL that you used in Step 3 of the unit setup process above.
  2. After entering the URL in the Set Parameters field, click Browse to navigate to a folder on your PC (or a network location that is setup as a web server on your LAN). 
  3. Click Publish to write the presentation files to the location you have browsed to. 

NoteIf the webserver you want to use for Simple Networking is located outside of your LAN, you will need to transfer the published files to an HTTP webserver with an FTP client.


Video Tutorials:

  1. Simple File Networking Tutorial: Video Link
  2. Player Setup Tutorial: Video Link

If you are encountering problems with publishing via Simple File Network, please view this FAQ.

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