How much power do BrightSigns players use?

  • XTx44/43: 36 Watts maximum
  • XDx34/33: 36 Watts maximum
  • HDx24/23: 18 Watts maximum
  • LS424/423: 5V(+/- 10%) via USB Type C 
  • 4Kx42: 60 Watts maximum
  • XDx32: 36 Watts maximum
  • HDx22: 15 Watts maximum
  • LSx22: 3 Watts typically with 12 Watts maximum
  • XDx30: 7.5 Watts typically
  • HDx20: 3 Watts typically with 8 Watts maximum
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    David Zarzycki

    You only give operating voltage for LS424.    The stock power supply is rated at 2A 5V but what does

    the unit actually draw?  Thanks

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    Martin Spengler

    @David Zarzycki The Datasheet for LS424 says "5V/2A (10 Watts) USB compatible power"

    @BrightSigny could you add this to the list?

    Edited by Martin Spengler
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