How do I determine the IP address of a BrightSign player on my local network?

Last Updated: May 2, 2016

There are several methods you can use to determine the local IP address of a BrightSign player.

Local Display

Power up the unit without an SD card. After a few moments, the IP address will be listed on the connected display.

Diagnostic Web Server (BrightAuthor) 

If you enabled the Diagnostic Web Server (DWS) when you set up the player, and you have Bonjour (Apple Bonjour Print Services for Windows) installed on your PC, you can type the following in a web browser, replacing "serialnumber" with the serial number of the player: http://brightsign-serialnumber.local/

This will bring up the DWS page. The IP address will be listed in the Info tab.


If you have access to the network router, you can log in and see which IP address is assigned to the entry with the player's MAC address. The MAC address of the player is located on the bottom of the player; it is also displayed when you power up the unit without an SD card.

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    Joe Ripley

    Is there a way to retrieve the IP address of a player via the BrightSign Network?  I can easily see the device's public IP address, but not its local IP address.  I'm hoping there's a way to get the player to report its local network address via a log or other method.

    Can it be done?

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    This could be done via a plugin. It could record the ip address and put it into the diagnostic log for example and you could retrieve it that way. 

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    Jeffrey Walkinshaw

    @Lyndon  Do you have a plugin to show me the MAC address and the private IP address of units connected to the BSN  We have several units connected to the BSN and need to know their IP address they received from DHCP and their MAC address.  Could there be a feature request to show this in the unit's properties in the BSN?



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    Grant Weiss

    I have tried powering up the unit without an SD card, but the screen just remains blank, no IP address is shown.

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    Rick Rago

    I've tried powering up the unit without an SD card, but I just get a screen that says, "BrightSign", and it displays the model number, MAC address, serial number and firmware version.

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