How do I display a Google Calendar on a BrightSign player using BrightAuthor?

Last Updated: March 10, 2015

Yes, you can display a Google Calendar as an HTML page. In order to display a Google calendar on a player in full-screen mode(1920x1080), you will need to make your Google calendar Public:

  1. Click the arrow next to the My Calendars list on the left. Select Settings.
  2. Locate the calendar you wish to display on your player. In the sharing column on the right, click Share this calendar.

  3. Check the Make this calendar public box and click Save.

  4. When you've returned to the Calendar Settings page, click the Calendar name to bring up the Details page.

  5. Copy the URL in the Embed this Calendar section.

  6. In BrightAuthor, paste the URL into the URL field when creating or editing an HTML5 state.

We suggest refreshing the page by adding Timeout event of 30 seconds to the HTML state. This will ensure that changes will be displayed within an acceptable time.

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