How do I add a plugin script to a BrightAuthor presentation?

Last Updated: March 11, 2015

To add a plug-in to a BrightAuthor presentation, navigate to File > Presentation Properties > Autorun and select Add Script Plugin.

In the plugin Name field, enter the name of the Object that will be returned by the plug-in. To locate the name of the object, open the plugin with a text editor and locate the initialization function at the beginning of the script: It will begin with the line "Function [plugin]_Initialize(...) As Object". Then, locate the "return" call at the end of this function--the returned object name must match the text in the plugin Name field.


Navigate to the location where you’ve saved the plugin, then click OK.


The plugin can now interact with the presentation using Plugin Message events or Send Plugin Message commands. To see a list of publicly available plugins, visit the BrightSign GitHub page.

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