Updating Firmware using Rescue Mode (Safe Mode / Secure Boot)

Last Updated: November 14, 2016

If the firmware update process has been interrupted, or if the firmware file has been corrupted, you may not be able to update the firmware on a player using the standard method. In these cases, you can perform an update using rescue mode:

  1. Copy the .bsfw update file onto the root directory of the SD/microSD card.
  2. Power down the BrightSign player.
  3. Insert the card into the BrightSign player.
  4. Press and hold the SVC button.
  5. Power on the player while holding the SVC button.
  6. Hold the SVC button until the Pwr LED begins to flash. On older models, the Upd LED will turn on instead.
  7. Release the SVC button.
  8. Allow several minutes for the firmware update to complete.
  9. Once finished, the player should reboot and display the BrightSign logo, along with the new firmware version of the player.

ImportantThe rescue mode process does not work with firmware version 6.2.94 on exFAT formatted cards. To perform rescue mode with 6.2.94, format the card using FAT32. 


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    Norman Garland

    What do we do if the orange UPD LED is already on when power is applied?  It is the only LED that is on.  There is no other activity. No output from the HDMI or VGA connectors.  No

    The player does not respond to the SVC button being pressed before power is applied.


    Norm Garland

    Pixels UK Ltd

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    BrightSign Support

    If the orange "Upd" led is permanently on, it usually means wrong power was applied to the unit, and the unit is damaged (hardware failure).

    Try doing a factory reset:


    Try updating the firmware in safe mode (the steps are highlighted above in this faq).

    And try testing with a different, but original, power adaptor (if possible).

    If problem persists, the unit will need to be replaced.

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    Anton Hyginus

    When I try this method, the player stays with the orange LED on and does not change. I see the Pwr light Green and the Upd light amber, and after a half hour, it still hasn't changed. When I reboot the player, it shows the same original firmware that was on it, and I can't seem to push content to it or even put local content on it.

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    BrightSign Support

    Hi Anton,

    What is the model of the player? If you power up the player without a flash card, does the orange "Upd" LED stay on permanently, or does it blink?

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    Matthew Arndt



    I am having the same issue as to where I have two units that only the Orange Upd & Green Pwr LEDs light up. I have attempted multiple times to 'factory reset' which doesn't seem to do anything, and also real fun to hold when you are the only person trying... I wiped the SD card and attempted to run the recovery script, nothing works. I get other lights to display when I hold down SVC and Reset, but once I let go it goes back to the two original lights. Since the power cord is unique we know that was not the issue, and we have been typically using PoE to power the units. I'm assuming these are covered under some warranty in the event they fail out of box?


    Thank you,


    Matthew Arndt

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    Where is the file you want me to use?

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